2017 Coyote Camp Weekly Themes
  • Week 1: June 26 – 30: Fur, Feathers, Scales, and Fins This week focuses on observing, studying, and interacting with animals that have fur, feathers, scales, and fins that live in our ecosystem. Activities and adventures may include bird language, tracking, pond exploration, observing the bird nesting boxes, practicing animal forms, learning how to camouflage and become invisible with the landscape, and studying about food webs and adaptations.
  • Week 2: July 3 – 7: Wilderness Skills and the Shields of Survival This week focuses on the four shields of survival: food, water, shelter, and fire. Activities and adventures may include learning how to make fire by friction, where/how to gather water, learning about edible wild foods, building natural shelters, creating song lines, mapping, orienteering, and exploring the waterways of the landscape. Note: Camp will be in session on July 4th Optional overnight on Thursday 7/6 for youth ages 9-up.
  • Week 3: July 10 -14: WEEK 3 IS FULL WITH A WAITING LIST Animals, Plants, People and Place: Weaving Our Stories Together This week focuses on learning about restoration techniques and land stewardship practices utilized by the native peoples of this region (the Coast Miwok and Kashaya Pomo). Activities and adventures may include participating in a restoration project on the land, storytelling by local native elders, learning about sustainable/regenerative forestry and land management, and learning about other native cultures and their wisdom on how to care for the Earth. Optional ropes course for youth ages 10-up and optional overnight on Thursday 7/13 for youth ages 9-up.
  • Week 4: July 17 – 21:WEEK 4 IS FULL WITH A WAITING LIST Wilderness Skills and Original Technologies This week focuses on learning wilderness skills with a particular focus on original technologies used by some of the first humans. Activities and adventures may include gathering a knowledge of place through developing sensory awareness routines, learning survival skills such as fire by friction, making string from plant materials, basketry, and crafting tools from nature.
  • Week 5: July 24 – 28: WEEK 5 IS FULL WITH A WAITING LIST Sticks and Stones, Clay and Bones: Natural Tools for Living This week focuses on creating and crafting tools made from natural materials that are essential for living. Participants will be introduced to such skills as basket weaving, pottery, felting, fire by friction, making beads, buckskin clothing, fiber arts, etc. We will be exploring the land and gathering materials from nature to shape into useful tools. If you love creating with your hands and have a resourceful and inquisitive mind, then this could be the week for you! Optional ropes course for youth ages 10-up.